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Society of Thoracic Radiology
2011 Award Winners

Monitoring Radiation Dose for Common Chest Computed Tomography Examinations
Tessa S. Cook, M.D., PhD
COOK TS, Boonn WW, Woojin K

Best Oral Presentation by a Resident
Diagnosing Pulmonary Embolism Without Contrast or Radiation... Is it Possible?
Christopher Mudge, M.D.
Healey TT, MUDGE CS, Atalay MK, Pezzullo JA

Best Oral Presentation by a Fellow
Thoracic Manifestations of North American Paragonimiasis
Travis Henry, M.D.
HENRY TS, Lane MA, Bailey TC, Bhalla SB

Best Oral Presentation by a Student
Predictive Algorithms for Total, Left and Right Lung Volumes Derived from Three- Dimensional Computed Tomographic (3D CT) Volumetry Measurements of a Normal Patient Population
Jeremy Konheim, B.S.
KONHEIM JA, Kon ZN, Garcia JP, Griffith BP, White CS, Jeudy J

Magna Cum Laude

Who's Jo? Lab Tests that Every Chest Radiologist Should Know
PD Sonntag, MD.
SONNTAG PD, Kanne JP, Yandow DR, Meyer CA

Contemporary Techniques to Optimize Thoracic Computed Tomography Dose
James Woo, M.D.
OO JKH, Digumarthy SR, Kalra MK, Shepard JO

Cum Laude

Pitfalls in The Diagnosis of Bronchiectasis
Julie O'Brien, M.D.
O'BRIEN J, Jones CM, Muller N, Mayo J

Certificates of Merit

Coronary Arteries: A Comprehensive Review of Anatomy and Anomalies.
Arlene Sirajuddin, M.D.

Adrenal Imaging on Chest Computer Tomography: Common Lesions the Chest Radiologist Should Know
Nupur Verma, M.D.
VERMA N, Kirsch J, Mohammed TL

Comparison of the Spectrum of the Clinical and Radiological Manifestations of Pulmonary Disease Caused by Mycobacterium Avium Complex (MAC) and Mycobacterium Xenopi (M. xenopi)
Maria Carrillo, M.D.
CARRILLO M, Patsios D, Wagnetz U, Jamieson F, Marras T

CT Appearance of Cystic Lung Diseases: Spectrum of 'Horses' and 'Zebras'
Hatice Savas, M.D.
SAVAS H, Agarwal PP, Gross BH, Kazerooni EA

Overall Member
Jeffrey Kanne

Overall Participant
Atsushi Namba

Overall Fellow
Einav Shochat

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